About us

Who we are

Here at MBR Digital 1111, we have a genuine passion for all things creative. When we’re not building great brands or launching amazing websites, we are researching best practices, searching for new inspiration and sharing what we learn.

Mission & Vision

We make your career and business more successful helpful one project at a time. We do this with teamwork, expertise and a helpful attitude, proving every day that business can be a force for good.

Our Strategy

We develop and execute digital strategy, interactive marketing campaigns, websites, mobile apps and social promos that will attract and retain your target audience while delivering results and a return on your investment.

Men Working on His Laptop Computer Closeup Photo. Online Internet Work Concept
Men Working on His Laptop Computer Closeup Photo. Online Internet Work Concept
Men Working on His Laptop Computer Closeup Photo. Online Internet Work Concept

Our Services

Web Design

If you can’t impress them at first glance, you can’t impress them at all. Our web design and development team will make sure you get nothing but the best solutions on the web bringing you the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Social Media Management

We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. Our company manages social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on your behalf. We use appropriate social media marketing services to support businesses develop and meet their goals.

Graphic Design

We stay on top of current design trends and concepts, aiming to be ahead of the curve while also implementing classic design principles into our work.

Photo Editing

Photo-editing services are helpful for in all kinds of scenarios. Maybe you don’t have the time or the experience to edit your photos yourself. Whether it’s getting rid of blemishes, changing hair/clothing color, shadow effect, or something in between, we’ll fulfill your order by hand usually within a 24 hour period and at reasonable rates. No payment accepted until 100% satisfied.

Search Engine Optimization

Almost 90% of your customers are searching for the services you offer. The environment for local SEO is crowded and competitive. It takes a proactive approach and a focus on keywords that actually matter. We generate the right kind of traffic and promote your business for a clean online footprint.

Video Editing

Video is one of the most effective ways to market yourself or your product. With that in mind, we focus a lot of time into making sure our video process is as efficient and effective as possible.


Just a few of our projects, both past and present.


"Vicki Bartle is an incredible talent and someone I am very blessed to have running my website. After 15 years in the entertainment business, I have always sought out someone to create and design my webpage, then run it exactly the way I imagined a great website would look. It has not been an easy task up to this point. Then I met Vicki and everything after that changed. Vicki and I met through the fandom of a show I had been on, I as an actor and Vicki being someone who watched and supported the show for many years. Vicki looked at my website and knew there was much work that needed to be done. Since taking over my site, Vicki has not only earned my trust with her work on the site but, more importantly, has become a friend who looks out for me. In my opinion, if you're considering having a website done, there is no Webmaster better than Vicki." Travis Aaron Wade TAW Inc. - TravisAaronWade. Com
"Even though connecting through social media is part of pretty much everyone's job description these days, the process often remains misunderstood. Knowing how to use Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and family isn't enough preparation for using all available tools in a business context. We're fortunate that we didn't have to go it alone. MBR Digital has the skills to use social media professionally in an integrated and strategic way. We are delighted with our partnership with them and give them our highest recommendation! --Julia Dye, Ph.D. " Captain Dale Dye Warriors, Inc.

Meet The Team


Vicki Malone Bartle

Co-Founder / Lead Design


Travis Aaron Wade

Co-Founder / Project Manager

Our Amazing Clients